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Chapel of the Resurrection 2006
Paschal candle at the Valparaiso University Chapel of the Resurrection in Valparaiso, Indiana

Candle close-upDesigned by:
Matt Olin

Carved by:
Katie Benjamin, Steven Wilco,
Angela Nelson, Matt McCuen,
Blake Scalet, Jacob Kloos,
Jason Langworthy, Matt Olin

The cross of this candle is modeled after the cross of nails that are part of the processional cross at the Chapel of the Resurrection. The Chapel was the first North-American center of reconciliation of the Community of the Cross of Nails (website), which is "a world-wide community of individuals and groups who share a commitment to a practical vision of reconciliation and a genuine intention to live a disciplined Christian life." The cross of nails is made from nails of the Coventry Cathedral that was destroyed during WWII. The yellow bands at the top of the candle represent the light of Christ, and the blue line at the bottom represents the waters of baptism.


These 2 photos from the Institute of Liturgical Studies, taken by Pastor John Santoro

Candle in worship