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Wax Reuse and Recycling
Creative Ideas to Make Use of Old Candles



Make New Candles - It is possible to melt the wax from old candles to make new ones for the church or for home devotional use. Baptismal candles made from the wax paschal candles would be quite meaningful. Many craft stores sell candle-making products. For more information about candle-making, visit the WikiHow website (not affiliated with The Candle Carving Site).
If you are particularly knowledgeable about molding new candles and would like to share your insights with other churches by writing a how-to resource for this site, please contact us using the Contact Us Page.

Share Your Candles - Do you have candles laying around that have barely been used and that you hate to have go to waste? Consider sharing them with other local congregations that might not be able to afford new candles each year.

Recycle Used Wax - Several candle manufacturers listed below accept used wax and will offer a credit on your next order.  Although the monetary benefit of recycling wax may not be huge after shipping costs, the benefits are manifold in our saving landfill space and being good stewards of Creation, including the bees that supply us with wax.

  • Marklin Candle Design
    Visit their wax buy-back website for more information. They will only buy back their own wax.
  • Dadant & Sons
    Tape the name and address of your congregation on the inside of a moderate-sized box. Fill the box with wax. Mark the outside with "Used Wax." Affix a return address and ship to: Dadant and Sons, Inc., 275 North Myrtle Street, Kahoka, MO 63445
    You should contact them at before sending wax. Remove any colored wax before sending it in.