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Redeemer Lutheran Church
Paschal candle at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Columbus, Ohio

Close-up viewEaster candle and bannerDesigned by:
Michael Kern

Carved by:
Michael Kern

This candle features a dove overlaying a bold cross. The Spirit is clearly moving among the people at Redeemer. This dove graces many church publications and has become a common symbol for the celebration of their 50th anniversary. The background mosaic was designed to match the stained glass and the style of paraments that grace the worship space throughout the church year (the Easter lily banner pictured above was designed and created by Michelle Clemence). The design wraps all the way around the circumference of the candle. Although it appears that the design was applied to the outside of the candle because it is completely flush with it, each color was individually carved and painted into the candle wax.

Candle with rodAlthough initially unintended, this candle represents Christ's crucifixion and the brokenness of our religious symbols in a very unique way. During the carving process, the candle actually broke in half. Instead of getting a new candle, a metal rod and grains of incense were inserted into the center of the candle to make it whole once again. The visible seam on the back reminds us that although we are made whole through Christ, our scars will always testify to our experiences as did the wounds Christ bore from the cross.

Broken candle