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Candle Manufacturers:

Most candle manufacturers sell do not sell their products directly to the consumers, but through religious vendors such as those listed farther below.

Cathedral Candle Company
+ Cathedral Candle Company Paschal Candles

Dadant and Sons, Inc.
+ Dadant and Sons, Inc. Paschal Candles

Marklin Candle Design
Manufacturer of candles, followers, sockets, and other materials who sells directly to customers.
+ Marklin Candle Custom Candles
+ Marklin Candle Design Paschal Candles
+ Marklin Candle Design Liturgical Candles and Accessories

Will & Baumer, Inc.
You must download their catalog to see specific candle products
+ Will & Baumer, Inc. Paschal Candles

Religious Vendors:

Companies that sell candles, followers, sockets, and other church supplies directly to customers. None of these vendors manufacture the mentioned products themselves.

Augsburg Fortress

Boric Religious Supply


Southeast Church Supply

Outside Resources:

How do we use the paschal candle?
Visit this resource from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America for congregations about the meaning of the paschal candle, its history, and how it is used in liturgical worship.

Other Links:

Many of these churches/organizations have contributed to the art of paschal candle carving, have hosted workshops, or have candles displayed in our picture gallery.

Chapel of the Resurrection at Valparaiso University
Worship space where many of the candles displayed in the picture gallery have been used

Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago
Community where several candles displayed in the picture gallery have been used, and host to a past paschal candle carving workshop for students

Trinity Lutheran Seminary
Home of a candle displayed in the picture gallery

Magazine Article about Paschal Candle Carving
View an article about paschal candles that is published in the April 2007 issue of The Lutheran magazine by clicking here.

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