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How to Carve Candles
This is your source for information about how to carve a candle

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  1. Create a design that represents the character of the congregation and incorporates the three traditional symbols. You might hold a congregational contest.

  2. Purchase a candle made of at least 51% beeswax. Cover it completely with vertical strips of masking tape and use carbon paper to transfer your design to the tape.

  3. Choose one color of the design at a time and carve only that section one-eighth inch deep.

  4. Melt spare wax and color it with bits of crayon. Then paint this wax into the carved-out space.

  5. When the colored wax is cool, scrape it with a knife until it is flush with the candle surface.

  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for each section of color in the design. Then carefully remove the masking tape.


We've put together this printable booklet with step-by-step instructions, materials, tips, and other resources to help you create and care for your own custom paschal candle.

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28-page "Complete Guide to Paschal Candle Carving"

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Updated April 2009



  • See if any artists in your congregation might be interested in trying . . .
  • Use the Contact Page to inquire about the possibility of commissioning a candle by an experienced carver.
  • Or check out the wide variety of designs offered by the candle manufacturers listed on our links page.